Due to the pandemic, we realize that more people need help to digitalize their business. In this patch, Vutura releases great features that make creating chatbots easier. We also clear the clutter and make the user experience more friendly for you.

In today’s post, we’re going to share some features that we’re have been working on for past months.

What we explained here is only the tip of the iceberg. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. We will aid you as much as we can.

Bot Duplication

We know some people want to create more than 1 chatbot with the same path and responses with little adjustments here and there. So, we decided to make a duplication feature. Now you can copy your bot exactly the same as the other one that you already have.

Vutura Chatbot Duplication

When you are at bot selection, you can select one of your chatbot(s) to duplicate. Right after that, you can change the name of the duplicate so you can tell the difference. Now you don’t have to make another one from scratch.

Refinement UI: Bot

A little touch on the bot selection to make it more beautiful. We make your bot information centered so you can read it comfortably.

Vutura UI refinement

Refinement UI: Limitation Feature Message

If you want to access some features and you don’t have it yet, we will notify you about it. On the message, you will get some information about the benefit of the feature. You can add those features if you want to by clicking the upgrade button on the message.

Chatbot Simulation

This feature may be the most requested feature. You can check your chatbot conversation right away on the dashboard. Once you save some changes on your chatbot, you can test it by yourself on the dashboard before launch it on your bot.

Just access the widget on the bottom right of your dashboard.

Button Enhancement

We added the option to rearrange the button on your chatbot conversation by drag and dropping them. 

Carousel enhancement

Like the button, we also let you customize freely your carousel position by drag and dropping them.

QNA Enhancement

We used to let you connect new responses to certain Paths by scrolling them down. Now, we add the Path search feature when you want to select the Path.

Move to Path Based on Variable

Move to Path now can be done with a certain condition that you wanted. For example, if you want your audience to go to an “Error” Path after filling the wrong user input now you can add that condition.

Path Auth

For exclusivity and certain needs, Path Auth is added for you that want to make certain Path is accessible for those who completing the Path Auth. Take example a Path for discount codes, you may ask your audience to fill their email and name before they are able to go to the Path. Now your chatbot can be a way for gaining more leads in the future.

Notification Center

You can see our updates and bug fixes on your dashboard by checking the notifications center. Further usage we might provide you with exclusive contents that you can access through the Notifications Center.

Improved Input Validation

Before, your chatbot will take all input from audiences as their answer regardless it’s match or not. Now, our system can differentiate number, email, name, phone number, minimum and maximum characters, and error message if your audience fills the User Input incorrectly.

Refinement UI: Upload Image 

We have better look at Upload Image on Path Elements (Image and Carousel) and add images on QnA. We hope the new look makes you easier to add and change images. 

Bug Fixes

Some bugs already fixed. There is some problem with a certain path that is shown on certain elements. Ideally, it should not be shown when we edit the path. For example, when we edit Path for promotion, the Path is shown on the Move Path element while it still in the editing process. What we change is we remove the name of the Path that on editing process on:

1. Button type Path on the Text element 

2. Button type Path on the Carousel element

3. Path selection on the Move Path element

4. Path selection on the Counter element

What should Vutura improves next?

Got a feature request? Let us know here, tell us what you want we will make it for you.