Last year, I attend a few events to learn something or just represent my company in the event.  Yes, I learned something but nothing new.

Every event talking about basic things that we can get on the internet. Even a good speaker presenting the same thing with the other. Use cases from their experience are something that I find insightful.  

I realize something missing on those events. You may present something good, providing a solution, but your audience cannot relate to you. Events lack the perspective of the audience, all talk show, and presentation seems too good to be true.

IMPACT is better. IMPACT think about our audience and provide you with more relatable use cases and sources. You should meet Hafiza from BAZNAS, our successful client. Not only insightful, but she will also be a relatable one for you.

Meet the speaker 

Hafiza Elvira Nofitariani, Digital Manager Fundraising from BAZNAS
Session: “A.I. on Your Fingertips” talk show

Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (BAZNAS) is one of our clients that launces their chatbot in LINE named Zavira. Zavira is an AI as an innovation to fulfill zakat, infak, and alms through a messaging application.

Hafiza will come to IMPACT 2020 as a representative from BAZNAS. As our panelist speaker, she will share about why BAZNAS want to use a chatbot and how AI improve their quality. Her insight will be relatable to you because she will give you a story from the client’s perspective.

So what are you waiting for? Register yourself now by clicking the button below. FYI, it’s free!